Visualizing research that creates customers’ futures with “aesthetic faculties × observing ability” and “intuition × instinct” 

DESIGN ETHNOGRAPHY® is an unprecedented business solution that solves customer problems by conducting workshops with creators, using video and/or graphic design through applying designer’s “intuition and aesthetic faculties” and ethnographer’s “instinct and observing ability” to marketing research.




DESIGN ETHNOGRAPHY® provides a range of services including research, marketing planning support and workshops as minimal units. Depending on client’s needs and issues, we can customize our services from a small project to a mid to long-term project.


Location hunting research

This research reveals flow lines, habits, behaviors, appearance (including fashion trends) of residents, business men and shoppers as well as store opening tendencies, goods selection and relevance to neighboring areas by visiting a location such as a city, a store and any other place where people gather, where the client wants to understand a potential of the location and customers.

Documentary research

This research is to clarify non-verbal problems by visiting a customer’s house or a store with a professional cameraman, and record the consumers’ lives, purchasing behavior, customer visits and shops as seen from the customer’s point of view. These insights are hard to get from interviews and quantitative surveys.

Impersonation workshop

This workshop is a simulation experience, made meaningful by solving problems. When reproducing a customer’s daily life from impersonating him/her, it is possible to understand true motivations and any issues related to consumers’ behavior.

Creator’s workshop

In this  workshop, creators from various fields and a client will be team members and work on tasks such as the creation a new market to infusing ideas into new products and/or services. We also plan and conduct general workshops for shop/store and events for attracting customers.

Futuristic scenario/video

Futuristic scenario is a service using an intuitive induction method, to consider an “ideal future” that consumers potentially desire according to the research data and the “value add” that could be provided by the company making their ideal future possible, to collaboratively make their encounter into a futuristic story scenario.

Ethnographic research 

Ethnographic research is a technique applied to investigations that infographically express information and data visually. It is a service that systematically illustrates complicated and unclassified information with diagrams, color schemes, images and illustrations.

Stance on design ethnography

Self marketing

Our research can collect the customer’s perspective by recording or photographing their daily life using viewpoint camera, and through workshops where the client impersonates their customers. Marketing knowledge is not required because you only need to be aware of your feelings as a customer from a customer’s perspective. 

Beautiful deliverables

Our deliverables are visual rather than thick reports with lots of fine print and numbers. Videos are recorded and edited by a professional team and graphics are made by a designer and an illustrator, making it possible to simplify complicated information, give shape to intangible things.

Inter-disciplinary team

Project teams will be inter-disciplinary with members from different departments in the company and not only from the research or marketing department. By collaborating with us and creators, we maximize the creativity and intelligence of participants and establish a foothold for an internal ecosystem to continually generate innovation.

Attention to numbers

We don’t ignore general marketing methods and logical thinking but provide a method to use more sensitivity and future-minded thinking to solve marketing issues. Therefore, if it is necessary to make a financial and a business decision and to comprehend quantitative data, we can work you to analyze this data and provide relevant insight.

Design ethnographer study and training

Through our design ethnographer study and training program, you can understand designer’s and ethnographer’s ways of thinking, and techniques used, also learn our original methodologies such as on-site observation, intuitive induction and ways to improve teams and/or projects using design.

This study/training program has been adopted for the purpose of project kickoffs, new employee training, department transfers, and more. It has also been used for a variety of industry specialties such as sales, marketing, PR, business development, design, and for people with various levels of experience from basic knowledge to veterans with years of experience.

Other services 


Our service is founded on our experiences providing solutions to various different industries. 
Industries: automobile, automobile component, home electric appliances, food, toiletry, cosmetics, childcare, housing material, retail, trading company, advertisement agency, investment corporation, Japanese subsidiary of foreign capital group, local government, ministry and agency, etc.


Marketing support

We provide total support to develop business, product, service and brand from desk research, domestic and overseas marketability analysis, expert interview and targeting.

Business and product development support

We offer strategic planning for business, product or service development, defining functional requirements, making use case scenarios, provision of design inspiration source, assigning a designer and /or a creator, and managing and directing a project.

Design development support

We support developing designs such as graphic design, logo creation, package design, signage design, video production for facility and store displays with partner designers. For design development, we apply the results of our visual investigation directly to your key visual.

Providing information on trends

We gather and provide information on domestic and international design trends such as in fashion, new materials, color of the year/color trends, lifestyle trends, advanced technology trends such as IT, AI and IoT.

Creators network

Taking advantage of the network among young creators and artists from multiple fields, we help build a support system which can lead your business to success with the power of creative products, from product development to workshops and events.

Presentation preparation support

We help to make business proposals, sales materials, and exhibition panels, in addition to presentations with moving images. We provide high-quality designs that make full use of infographics and pictograms. The data can be transferred to print material such as booklets.

Licensing support

We help to register not only a character and design, but also intellectual property and portrait rights etc. and support commercialization of it. We can also provide new logo design services and CI/VI manual preparation.

Public relations support/Video creation

We provide total support to communicate with customers not only at a store, showroom and exhibition but also in event planning, publishing a press release, making a public relations video and linking contents used in owned media such as SNS and website.


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