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“Quality Without a Name”

For a company, there is always a gap between the real and the ideal, the now and the future.

Design Ethnography is a way to bridge them.

It enables us to define “Quality Without a Name” in business, draws out future possibilities.
Think together with us to design your futuristic scenario, the way your business prospers in the long run.

New Business Development

Amplify your company’s potential for near future

Based on the future business environment forecast, we provide support in business development, marketing, product development, and design. 

  • Ethnographic research on consumer lifestyle

  • Trend forecasting on social values, culture and technology

  • Futuristic Scenario


  • Provided global industry forecasting and business development outlines for next decade for an automobile company

  • Guided a workshop and designed future cafe plans based on consumer insight change for Japan’s No.1 coffee company 

  • Conducted research on Japanese consumer lifestyle trends for localization of an international cosmetic brand

Sense Making

Grasp your company’s core values and express it with design

We support sense making by visualizing your company’s strength, features, culture, and vision. 
We organize workshops to clarify your team’s “who we are,” then design deliverables which can be applied to management and recruitment handouts.

  • Ethnographic research on internal communications

  • Organizational culture analysis workshop

  • Verbalization / Visualization


  • Directed Vision-Mission-Value commitment video and idea workshop for a retail company

  • Operated ethnographic research on internal communication for better recruitment for a marketing agency

  • Designed brand identity and its story for launching new material underwear by a hundred-years-old company

Design for Foresight and Innovation

Apply business values of design to your organization management

We design your company’s strategic scenario into visualized deliverables, based on information about management/business/PR/HR.
We support to express the vision which executives have in their mind, and enhance your company’s vision with essence of sociology, urban theory, and cultural anthropology.

  • Executive dialogue

  • Strategic scenario visualizing

  • Vision sharing


  • Guided an intrapreneurship team in a trading company to hold a series of executive dialogue to create IR/PR contents

  • Directed strategic scenario video for a manufacturer

  • Created visualized PDCA manual for expatriates to integrate quality of management operations in the local country for a ministry

Mirai Atelier

Exploration for the future

Our project “Mirai Atelier” is a series of exploration for future throughout the signs of current trends.

  • Fieldwork for observation on people, cities, and culture

  • Insight analysis and cultivation on future forecasting know-how

  • Creating “Design Ethnographer Training Course”

Publications & Tools

  • “TOKYO ETHNOGRAPHY” - a ZINE for archiving cultural trends in Tokyo

  • “Mind Shuffle” - a set of “Mind Cards” which represents needs behind social behavior - used for workshop

  • “Design Ethnographer Training Course” - a training program for developing design ethnographic skills


Why “Tokyo Ethnography” ?

Speaking to Tokyo culture, what do you imagine? Otaku, Gal, Harajuku Kawaii...? However, they have received attention because of their peculiarity, and there are many other groups with various commonalities. We will discover such groups through fieldwork and interpret its reality in terms of cultural anthropology. This is an attempt to draw new ethnography of whole Tokyo.



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PIC:Shigeki Yamamoto

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